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Author: Isam Omran

Parity in Apples for Clouds

After leaving office and serving as the Vice President of the United States, Al Gore earned the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008, for his efforts and dissemination of thought leadership surrounding man-made climate change, and laying the foundation for initiatives to counteract the impact. Al Gore was able to play such an instrumental role, as he understood both business interest and public policy.  With his leadership and experience, Al Gore focused efforts on what he referred to as ‘Grid Parity’, during a TED Talk.  “Grid parity is understood as that line, that threshold, below which renewable electricity is cheaper...

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The Invisible Hand in the Cloud

The phrase “invisible hand” was coined by Adam Smith in the book ‘The Wealth of Nations’.  The theory behind this very popular phrase are the social benefits to individual actions.  The invisible hand theory has evolved and was turned to public policy formulation as a strategic means for intending social benefit.   Balancing control, promoting business interest and ultimately attaining social benefits have been at the forefront of National Development objectives. The invisible hand, in predominantly the Cloud private sector, has unleashed new possibilities and innovative services, delivering social benefits, creating new markets or disrupting existing industries. In the public...

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C-Suite ‘get out of jail card’ with Cloud

Today’s C-Suite executives are under more pressure than ever to fend off the competition, drive business growth, create new revenue streams, reduce costs and balance the books.  More and more executives are turning to Cloud as another weapon in their arsenal, fueling their innovation aspirations and optimizing their business operations.  It remains a significant culprit behind the universal industry disruption that we will explore. Innovation is disrupting everything.  “Two guys in a Starbucks now have access to the same computing power as a Fortune 500 company” (Jim Deters, Founder Galvanize).  The Telcos’ were early victims from the disruption caused...

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